Some of the many NFT works available on The Foundation today. (screenshot by the author)

Lindsay Howard is the head of community at the Foundation, one of the new platforms that have been part of the current wave of NFT art. She joined me in our Brooklyn studio to discuss the audience for crypto art and the collectors eager to fork over money for it. We also delve into what it could mean for an art scene facing the fact that the post-pandemic world may be very different for creators, sellers, collectors, journalists, scholars, and everyone else.

This is the second podcast in a series of episodes and articles we will publish in the coming weeks on the topic of NFTs.

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3 replies on “Lindsay Howard Talks About the Burgeoning Market for NFTs”

  1. Hello Gentelmen!
    I would really love a copy of this podcast in the form of a transcript if possible. I cant hear podcasts at all, please help :))) is there a place on the web where this is placed and Im missing it? Thank you so much, much appreciated. I reached out on twitter but never heard back. Thank you.

    1. We are really hoping to add transcripts to these podcast posts soon. We understand the need, and just need to find the resources to get it done. But it’s in our plans.

      1. Thanks so much, Veken, I appreciate the response back – accessibility and inclusion for all is so important. Im happy to help on this. Many Deaf people like myself cant follow audio / sound through device speakers, headphones and or microphones, it all translates to distortion – this is not a volume issue. There are many resources out there that can transcribe podcasts – is one of them and they are really great people and really fast. Youtube also has the ability to apply closed captioning to audio files if the files / podcast is exported to a video format. Youtube does this for free. Hope to hear back soon, thank you!

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