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Third ICP Triennial Dresses to the Nines

In the International Center of Photography’s (ICP) third global survey of photography and video, known as the Triennial, the focus is on fashion and “its relationship to art and other cultural and social phenomena.”

Titled “Dress Codes,” the exhibition is an ambitious look at fashion, which is interpreted to include everything from issues of identity, corporate consumption and politics.

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Hello (Art) World!

How did this all happen? I’m not sure but in the last year or so I imagined starting a new online publication that brought together the best of the art blogosphere and art magazine culture to create…well, I’m not exactly sure what it’ll create, but here it is…voilà!

I’ve called in a few favors to make this all happen and hired, begged and cajoled some amazing people to work their programming magic and write some wonderful pieces. We hope to bring you some interesting thinking about contemporary art–thinking being the operative word. This site is a forum to develop ideas, generate debate (even amongst ourselves) and pose the billion dollar question of what is art, ok, what is good art…sounds wimpy…how about what is fuckin’ amazing art!